The UnBusy Collective — Reset & Make Space For a Simple Life

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Imagine waking up with a sense of calm...

… knowing you’re taking real steps toward simplifying.

Imagine that room by room, your home becoming a place of refuge, joy, and connection rather than a source of overwhelm.

When you become a member of the Becoming UnBusy Collective…

You’ll develop mindsets, routines, and a home that takes the chaos out of everyday living, so you find time to focus on what really matters in YOUR life.

It’s time to de-crapify your home to make space for new beginnings.

The simple life you want is REALLY possible.

Forget about getting it perfect, just take the first step.

The path to a simple life is less about finding the ultimate "organizational solution" and more about an accurate map to lead you to the life you want. 

We cover each of these interdependent steps on the success path within our weekly prompts and meet-ups.

Take the first steppress reset and join the UnBusy Community. 

The UnBusy Collective sketches out a clear framework that helped me understand "my why," where I was starting from, and the next steps along the path (without boxing me in at any point). But then it goes even further; if you need the extra support, you can actually complete the decluttering tasks together during the "Collaborative Uncluttering" sessions. Love it.

Got questions or wondering if the UnBusy Collective is the right fit for you? Let me know here.

A private space (off of social) for you to reset.

The UnBusy Community offers a safe place off of social for you to reset, along with guided support to help you opt-out of overwhelm, clear the clutter, and make space for a simple life.

✓ Guided Support

Unique simple living prompts are released every week

✓ Collaborative Exercises

Unclutter your home and unhealthy mindsets with regular meet-ups

✓ See Progress Weekly Progress

Celebrate small wins and discover your next opportunity to move toward a simple life

*We only open registration three times a year. This new year enrollment period ends Monday, January 18th!

We are an intentionally small community.

We intentionally keep the UnBusy Collective small so we can hold space for each other.

When we hit the cap of seventy-five participants the doors will close instantly. Don’t miss the opportunity to be one of the 75!

I’m Zina, Founder of Becoming UnBusy

My journey toward simplicity began twelve years ago, over coffee. 

As a close friend sipped her latte, she asked, “How do you do it all?” She asked, not as a question but as a compliment. I laughed, and my stomach sank.

On the outside, I looked like a mom balancing a career, parenting, and life … even to my closest friends.

On the inside, the stress of the constant chaos of our home and my neverending to-do list was overwhelming.

I realized I needed to start caring for myself, so I could better care for my family. I decided to begin to move toward tangible daily wins. 

I hit reset.

I started to ask myself what self-care really looks like. 

I began to declutter our home and change my relationship with stuff. I guided our family, and we made a commitment to choose experiences over things. Author Shani Jay explains…

“There’s a reason why decluttering your physical space feels so good. It declutters your mind, clears your energy field, and creates space for new and exciting things to come your way.”

I began to find peace on a chaotic day, replace chaos with calm in our home, and move toward an UnBusy Life. Our family was happier, healthier, and more connected than ever. 

Sometimes Overwhelm would tell me a simple life is impossible. 

Overwhelm is a liar.

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So what’s included in the UnBusy Collective membership?

Ensure you keep taking consistent steps forward. As a member of this intentionally small community, you will receive...

✓ Bite-sized Uncluttering Prompts

Strategically move toward a calm, clutter-free home with unique uncluttering prompts, Collaborative Uncluttering Meet-ups, and Getting Unstuck Q&A chats 

✓ Weekly Meet-ups

Talk about things that truly matter, breakthrough common stumbling blocks, and unclutter self-limiting beliefs + unhealthy mindsets during our come-as-you-are Connection Calls

✓ Exclusive Access

Get private access to ALL member-only resources including guides, posts, and meet-ups to find the answers you need

✓ Meaningful Connections

Safely ask questions, get feedback, and create meaningful connections in our private group (Off of Facebook and Social)

*We only open registration three times a year. This new year enrollment period ends Monday, January 18th!

Got questions or wondering if the UnBusy Collective is the right fit for you? Let me know here.

Surround yourself with people who just get it.

You shouldn’t have to do this alone. That’s exactly why the UnBusy Community exists.

Surround yourself with the people who understand your goals, speak your language, and know exactly how to support you in moving toward a simple life.

No matter where you are in your journey, we’re here to nourish your soul, to help you reset, and to inspire you to uncluttered your life so you can thrive.

You deserve to be surrounded by people who just get it.

The best thing about the UnBusy Collective is that however you are, you are received by the community. Wherever you are on the journey to a less chaotic and more tangibly enjoyed life. Come frazzled or centered, organized or a mess, it matters not, you are welcomed.

A mobile-friendly community for finding joy + meaning within the space between.

Worried you don't have time? Take your membership on the go, with our easy-to-access group app, and be intentional about the small opportunities within the space between.

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